Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Cut chicken (whatever thigh or breast) into your two bites size (look at your thumb, that is one bite)

prep 1 cup soy source and 1/2 cup mirin set aside.

prep 3 cup HOT water (aleast warm)

clean a pot, no water in it. add 1 oz vegie oil, ( no olive oil), max heat 1 min.

add chicken into pot, stir fry 3 mins.

add soy source and mirin. stir fry for 1 min

add 6 -8 cubes curry.

quickly add hot water into pot.

keep stiring to disovle the curry spice.

add water to cover the chicken, and use mid heat to cook 10 mins, stir the curry soup every 2 mins,(this will make sure it won’t get stick at the botton )

270 30mins and 300 30mins