Post Interview Season

After Microsoft said “NO” this Tuesday, I finish my first job hunting season. Let’s make a summary for that.

I sent out about 9 resumes during the Tech career fair, and got 4 first round or phone interviews from, Microsoft, IBM, Epic, and Bloomberg

Epic, Bloomberg, Microsoft, they are very software oriented. Most of questions could be found in the Crack the Coding Interview, I mean exactly same question. I think that’s why I can pass the first round easily. IBM is recruiting for a new office at Atlanta, which is not THE IBM, a lot of questions about computer architecture. NOT interested!
Only Bloomberg said No after the on campus interview.

Uh… At this point, I feel so confidence that all of people like me, and how great I am. Due to the busy schedule I have this semester, I say no to the Epic and IBM onsite interview.

However, I screw up the Microsoft, which the one my favorite. 4 rounds back to back interviews. when I went to the last one, I was so exhausted to answer any question. Again, I think the problem is about the preparation. I only go over the CTCI once. If I can review all of those question more times, and can write the neat code for Leetcode questions. I will be ok when I am super tired. Anyways, What’s done is done.

Right now, I only have two offers left. Amazon or PASA return offer. It is a question.