Interviews Summary

I have three midterms and test this week, but I just don’t have the mood to study.

Last two weeks is the Gatech Career Fair, it was the first time I realize that Georgia tech has so many students on campus. I has been wait endless lane to talk those recruiters, uh.. maybe 3 minutes. The most crazy one was facebook. Three hours wait lane, and got nothing.

Interview Question

Anyways, This is a reminder for the interview questions.
For the first round of university interview, most of them are easy questions. Super basic data structure and agorithn.

Remind!. Study Books and Brush Coding questions earlier.


  1. there is an n-steps stair, we can choose either walk 1 step, or walk 2 steps for each action. So How many ways we can acomplish the stair.

    Concept: for each action, we have two branches, a. 1 step, b. 2 steps. we need to make same choice each time, until we reach the end.

    I went to wrong direction, I tried to use binary tree to express all the possible solutions. I felt it should be something related with recursion, but forgot to use the most easy recuirsion method. I made it way to complicated.

  1. We have millions-size n-array, full with intergers, unsorted. Find out the second maximun number. and find the kth maximum number. Follow up: if we use p computer to process the array, how to dive the task.

    At the beginning, find out the second maximum number, I use two variables to hold the max and second maximum to trivial the whole array. So the time complexity is O(n). I was lost at the kth maximum number. I kept the variables idea, use K variable to keep tracking the kth max number. It is correct, but the concept they want is heap. heap can maintain the order by itself.

    Concept: Use a Kth size Heap to trivial the array, at the end, the heap is the result they want.

    for the follow up, we need to implement kth size Heap for each computer, to process n/p of array each. pop the top of heap (top of heap is the max) for k value. then it is answer.


  1. how to compare the two string are anagram.

    it was a very short interview, and only one very easy questions.
    the most easy way to check the anagram, is sort the two strings, and use string Compare, then we get the solution.