Launching Ghost Blog

why I self-host blog

My first answer is..

I don’t know. Yes, I don’t know why I start to write blog. Actually, my first blog is post at last year. I bought a vps host and run a WordPress blog from Godaddy. well, shamely, I only wrote five blogs for the whole year. Totally waste money

Last year, I joint a course Startup Programming at Coursera. In the class, the Node.js app at the backend is host by Heroku. Users client will call API from Server side to achieve some data and feature. Then, I realized a VPS is more than on Web Server. Woops. Find a new world, like Hello, World! World. Ok, I need to go back to my VPS. I go to GoDaddy’s control panel, find my vps’s IP address, and try to ssh into this machine. And it failed.


YES,the costumer support from GoDaddy replied me that,

Sorry, the Host you purchased is not support the ssh feature.

> < Fine. I move out.


I search the vps topic online for weeks, and A lots people recommend Linode. Linode indeed has pretty good reputation, and its price is pretty nice, the cheapest plan is $10/month. uh.. Affordable.

Wait, wait. What we are talking? oh, Why I start to write blog.

Why I start to write blog

A place I can talk

If QZone counts, I start to write blog for years. Junior High, maybe. Most of Words is about the feelings, and her. I started to write my love dairy, happiness and sadness, to her. She is the only lisener, until QZone became popular in the social network. People who you know are were always visit your QZone, read your diary and your feelings.

Weibo, Renren, facebook. I kinda don’t understand the point of social network now. At the beginning, we want to invite people who you like to share your feeling into your social network circle, and someday, Whoever you know, they all become your friends Follower in your Circle. I just want to hide a little bit from Some of You. So Blog is a place I can talk to myself, or who I don’t know but you like my idea and words.

A notebook for Tech

I am procastinator and easily distracted. I tried a lots of interesting technologies, but somehow, I lost them.
Or some technoloy I am still using, but when I have to explain it to friend. I can’t tell, which means I know one thing, but I don’t know it well. Daniel suggested me to write some blog to re-phrase your understanding. You can clearly to see, what do you know, and what don’t.

Sounds good?

My Food Recipe

I like to cook food, and I want others appriciate my arts. Food can’t storge too long, so pictures and blog record is the best show off.

English or Chinese

I don’t know, and I don’t even know why I use English in this post.

I read an article in somewhere I don’t remember. It said

language people prefer to use to discuss a knowledge depends on the language when the knowledge have been taught.

So, Let’s see.

ok, it’s time to clock out and go home.

Happy blogging.